Pretty Places: E&M Investigations Book One


Pretty Places | E&M Investigations, Book One

A gripping new standalone, female protagonist mystery novel by USA Today Bestselling Author Lena Bourne.

The darkest secrets often lurk in the prettiest places.

Former US Military Special Investigator Mark Novak has seen enough, done enough, and accumulated enough bad memories to last a lifetime. But when true crime writer Eva Lah - a gung-ho investigative journalist and once the love of his life - comes seeking his help on a case, he can’t say no.

Young people are disappearing in the small, picturesque country of Slovenia. But no one is paying attention. Except Eva. And she needs Mark’s help unravelling this chilling mystery she uncovered.

A serial killer might be on the loose, and it’s the last thing either of them want to face again. But the missing need a voice to speak for them. Can Mark and Eva find enough common ground to be that voice?