LEARN MORE ABOUT THE NOTORIOUS MINDS BOXSET – A Limited Edition Collection of NINETEEN Mystery & Crime Novels by USA Today and International Bestselling Authors.

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Notorious Minds Boxset: Mystery & Thriller Crime

What does it take to commit the perfect crime? 

Delve into these dark and twisted tales by twenty USA Today and International Bestselling Authors.

No matter what kind of crime story typically catches your imagination, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Conspiracies, political plots, and yes, even murder, are just a few of the crimes waiting inside this box set.

Discover a narcissistic grandmother running an underground syndicate, or a support group bent on murder…and even a serial killer who turns his victims into fairytale creatures.

Uncover the passion, jealousy, and fear lingering in every tale.

This box set is packed with thousands of pages that will hold you on the edge of your seat, crying for answers.

Definitely a must for fans of Patterson, Lee, and Grisham.

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This set contains my novel THE FAIRYTALE KILLER – A Prequel to my new Mystery Crime Series E&M Investigations!

The Fairytale Killer | E&M Investigations Prequel

 A gripping Mystery/Crime Novel by USA Today Bestselling Author Lena Bourne.

The worst serial killer since Jack the Ripper ravages the city of Berlin. Killing young women and arranging them as princesses from beloved fairytales. Leaving behind no clues, only broken dreams.

US Military Special Investigator Mark Novak and his international journalist girlfriend Eva assist the German authorities in catching him. But all their skill, intuition and cunning might not prevent another princess from dying a gruesome death.

The monster they’re hunting is cold-blooded and clever. And always one step ahead.

If you enjoy serial killer mysteries with twist endings, you don’t want to miss this one.



Details about the FREE Novella you’re receiving…

The Fall by Lena Bourne

The local butcher in a small Italian town fell to his death during a hike. Most likely an unfortunate accident, but his mother cries murder. By a member of the US Military no less. Enter Mark Novak, the Military’s Special Investigator and not the detective he used to be.

An old lover works the case alongside him. She’s still as enticing and willing as ever.  As the case unfolds, Novak uncovers mostly new questions, not answers. Soon, the accident looks more like murder.  And she only adds to the confusion.

Novak must either find a way out to trust his skill and intuition again, or a murderer walks free.

For fans of puzzle mysteries and twist endings.