Not Looking For Love Episode 3 Available Now

Not Looking For Love Episode 3 Available Now

Just wanted to let you know that Not Looking For Love Episode 3 is now available for purchase at Amazon. You can also get it for free through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program. This one is a little longer than the first two (which is why it took a little longer to write), but I do hope you enjoy it.


Book description:

***This book continues the story started in Not Looking For Love Episodes 1 & 2, and is not intended to be read as a standalone.***

Running away is usually not the answer.

Gail is back at school, and all she wants to do is spend her days studying and not thinking about anything else. But things keep piling up until running away and burying her problems is no longer a viable option. Will Gail realize she needs to confront her feelings head on, or never be whole again? Or will she continue to deny love?


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