How would you like Early Access to my eBooks?

How would you like Early Access to my eBooks?

Now you can get all my eBooks early! I have decided to create a Patreon page to offer early access to my books (and plenty of other goodies) to my most loyal fans. Patreon is a platform that makes it possible for fans to support their favorite artists and creatives in exchange for getting early access to works in progress and bonus content, as well as having more access to the artists themselves, in the form of voting on polls, participating in Q&A sessions or just chatting. 


I’m offering all that and more 🙂


If you decide to support me there, you have the chance to download and read my books 1-2 weeks before anyone else. You will also be the first to see the covers of my upcoming books, get sneak peaks at the books I’m writing by getting to read the first few chapters in raw form, be able to vote on polls, submit your most burning questions to the Q&A section and more.


Link to my Patreon Page where you can learn more and join:


The reason I have decided to start a Patreon campaign is very simple. I want to free up more time so I can write more. 


The reality of the publishing business today is that it’s a full time, 24/7 gig, if you want to make a decent living. For years, I’ve been sacrificing my writing time for all the tasks that go into running a publishing business. 


I do practically everything myself, from writing the books to formatting and uploading them, designing some of my own covers, creating all the teasers, distributing review copies, and all the other things that go into launching each book. I love the work, don’t get me wrong, but it is stressful and it is time consuming. It’s also eating away from my writing time.


In other words, I love writing more 🙂


That’s why I’m asking for your support. If I could raise enough to offset at least the most pressing business expenses, I would worry a lot less, could delegate some of the tasks and would have A LOT more time to write all the stories I want to write.


So, if you can, and would like to support me and my writing, please consider pledging.


Depending on which tier (or shelf you support me on), you will:


  • Have the chance to vote on polls (since I have questions about everything!), 
  • be the first to see new covers & blurbs, 
  • get a first look at the book I’m writing at the moment (in the form of the first 5-10 chapters)
  • access to the occasional story, or novella before anyone else sees it  (I expect there to be more and more of these as more of my time is freed up)
  • know ahead of time and even vote on new series projects I’m thinking about working on, 
  • be able to participate in Q&A sessions, 
  • get EARLY ACCESS to my eBooks 
  • and get signed paperback copies.


Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on the other side!


Here’s the link to join again:


P.S. This doesn’t change anything in terms of what I’m already doing to stay in touch with you. I’ll still be offering ARCs, and share cover reveals, blurbs and such via email. The main benefit of supporting me on Patreon is EARLY ACCESS to my books, and sneak peeks at the books I’m currently writing (with the ability to give feedback too). This is great if you’re someone who doesn’t like purchasing ebooks on Amazon, since most of my work is currently only available there. 


Killing me Softly Romantic Suspense Anthology

Killing me Softly Romantic Suspense Anthology

COMING NOV 9… The start of a Brand New series: DEVIL’S NIGHTMARE MC Next Generation

ASH –  A Devil’s Nightmare MC Next Gen Novella – is AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY in the KILLING ME SOFTLY Romantic Suspense Anthology!

Pre-order now @


New love. Sick love. Only one can win.


For most of my life I lived in fear of a man I could feel watching me everywhere I went. A man only I knew was there, and everyone else dismissed as a figment of my imagination. 

But when my childhood crush rides back into town all that seems surmountable. And for one glorious night, it is. But the darkness following me is never far behind. 

And this time, it’s out for blood.


Coming back after ten years of fighting a losing war was never going to be easy. But the redhead with perfect curves and legs for days could make it easier. What I didn’t count on was falling for her so hard after just one night.

Not that it matters. Turns out I’d die for her. 

And it just might come to that.

This exciting novella is the first story in the Devil’s Nightmare MC Next Generation series by USA Today Bestselling Author Lena Bourne.