Mark and Nicole are back by popular demand! Their story will continue in Season 2 and the first book, HIS ORDER is available now! For simplicity’s sake, I have titled it HIS FOREVER Book Eleven. This book and the rest of Season Two can be read as a standalone, but it does contain spoilers for Season One, so if you wish to enjoy the full serial, start with HIS WHIMS. The next book in Season Two is almost ready and should be available by tomorrow!


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If you haven’t started the series yet, here’s the right reading order:


1. Christmas Surprise (His Forever Serial Prequel) – FREE eBook
2. His Whims (His Forever, Book One)
3. His Needs (His Forever, Book Two)
4. His Fears (His Forever, Book Three)
5. His Rules (His Forever, Book Four)
6. His Trust (His Forever, Book Five)
7. His Past (His Forever, Book Six)
8. His Secret (His Forever, Book Seven)
9. His Fault (His Forever, Book Eight)
10. His Pain (His Forever, Book Nine)
11. His Love (His Forever, Book Ten) 

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