HOT & SINFUL RED BAR AUTHOR HOP: Book Excerpt and Awesome #Giveaways


The Hot and Sinful Nights boxed set will be published in just a few short weeks (on September 26 – but you can pre-order it today @ To celebrate this, the authors featured in this set have come together to offer you some amazing giveaways, as well as give you the chance to read several hot and steamy samples from the books featured in the set.

As part of this author hop, I am giving away a $5 Gift Card and 4 eBook copies of my bestselling alpha billionaire series HIS FOREVER Season 1. Read to the bottom of this page for details on how to enter, and links to the other authors’ awesome giveaways.

Now, here is a little more about my contribution to the set…

The hot alpha billionaire romance HELD BY HIM was originally published as a serial, and this is the first time it is available as a single book with a very Happy Ending and lots of steamy scenes on the way to it.

A Hot & Steamy Excerpt from Held by Him


A cold breeze hits my back. When I turn, Eric is standing in the doorway, wearing a pair of jeans that are neither too loose nor too tight, and a dark blue polo shirt with the buttons undone, revealing just a hint of his chest muscles. His gaze as he takes in my nakedness feels like a caress, but a rough one. And the hunger in his eyes is unmistakable, reminds me of wild beasts right before they go in for the kill. The towel wrapped around my hair topples off, probably because I’m shaking. I catch it, hold it over my naked body.

“Don’t,” he says hoarsely, and moves closer so fast I don’t really register it. I take a step back, but he stops me by placing a hand on my lower back. I expected his touch to be rough, jarring, but it’s almost gentle, yet firm, manly, and I freeze instinctively.

He lowers his head to my neck, and I present it reflexively. His lips are so close I can feel the heat they’re giving off. He’s my captor, I should be more aloof, make this harder for him, but my very skin is aching for the touch of his lips right now, my pussy tingling.

“You smell delicious,” he whispers, his hot breath hitting my already burning skin.

But instead of kissing me, like I fully expected him to, he straightens and leans back.

“You’ll be a real treat, but we’ll take it slow,” he says, caressing my breast. He rolls my nipple between his thumb and index finger, then pinches it hard, the pain sharp and sweet at the same time, drawing a sound somewhere between a yelp and a moan from my throat.

He grins. “And I think you’ll like it just fine. Get dressed now. We’re leaving soon.”

Then he’s gone, and I’m alone again, fears of being a prisoner, his to do with as he pleases, rushing my brain, louder, fiercer, more urgent because I’ve been fighting them so hard. Yet his words were strangely comforting too. Maybe I will like it.

***The End of the Sample***

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